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Runen Magie

Runenweistum ist Symbolwissen hohen und höchsten Grades, das sich restlos nur dem Esoteriker erschließt. Leider (nachdrücklich muß das betont werden!) ist das Runenwissen von Rassefanatikern verfälscht und als „rein arisches“, ihnen nur „artgemäßes Erbgut“ okkupiert worden; schlimmer noch; es entwickelte sich eine „Nordische Runenmagie“, die in Blut und Boden wurzelte, die auf verbrannter Erde dann in Blut erstickte.

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Runes and Runic Inscriptions. Collected Essays on Anglo-Saxon and Viking Runes

How, where and why runes were used is still often mysterious; they continue to set puzzles for those who study them, among whom few are better known than the author of this book. Here he investigates evidence from Anglo-Saxon runic coins to Manx inscribed stones, including many of the known Anglo-Saxon runic inscriptions (notably the Ruthwell cross and the Franks casket) and manuscripts, and looks in passing at some Scandinavian material, both in Great Britain and elsewhere.

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Understanding The Galdrabok

The Galdrabok is a collection of Icelandic grimores, or magical texts, dating from the 16th to 17th centuries. The Galdrabok presents modern-day rune magicians with a wide variety of magical designs. Among them are several versions of the famous AEgishjalmur, or «Helm of Awe.» As a whole, the Galdrabok utilizes traditional Northern symbology combined with a western European influence (which reflects the joint effect of Old Norse and Christian-Era culture upon the history and traditions of Iceland).

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Discerning Spirits. Divine and Demonic Possession in the Middle Ages

Trance states, prophesying, convulsions, fasting, and other physical manifestations were often regarded as signs that a person was seized by spirits. In a book that sets out the prehistory of the early modern European witch craze, Nancy Caciola shows how medieval people decided whom to venerate as a saint infused with the spirit of God and whom to avoid as a demoniac possessed of an unclean spirit.

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Witchcraft and Demonology in Hungary and Transylvania [Palgrave Historical Studies in Witchcraft and Magic]

This book provides a selection of studies on witchcraft and demonology by those involved in an interdisciplinary research group begun in Hungary thirty years ago. They examine urban and rural witchcraft conflicts from early modern times to the present, from a region hitherto rarely taken into consideration in witchcraft research. Special attention is given to healers, midwives, and cunning folk, including archaic sorcerer figures such as the táltos; whose ambivalent role is analysed in social, legal, medical and religious contexts.

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The Return of Odin. The Modern Renaissance of Pagan Imagination

Новинка !!! Этой книги нет в печатном варианте. Она выйдет в печатном варианте только в марте 2018 года.

A controversial examination of the influence and presence of the Norse god Odin in contemporary history and culture. Documents Odin’s role in the rise of Nazi Germany, the 1960s counterculture revolution, nationalist and ecological political movements, and the occult revival.

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Seventy — Eight Degrees of Wisdom. A Book of Tarot

A top tarotist's secrets to personal growth, one card at a time. The two volumes of Seventy — Eight Degrees of Wisdom have inspired a whole generation of tarot students. It has often been described by readers, booksellers, and teachers as the «Bible of tarot readers.» It is also often cited as one of the landmark books in modern tarot, and it helped to launch the «Tarot Renaissance» of the 1980s.

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The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Fortune Telling

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Fortune Telling delves into the rich and fascinating tradition of using fortune telling to enhance your life, realize your desires and make your dreams come true. It examines the long history of fortune telling in all its forms and gives clear explanations as to its history and the correct way it should be used. The book looks in detail at a number of popular forms of fortune telling, from tarot to crystal balls, making it a practical workbook for the reader.

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Living the Tarot

Amber Jayanti's masterpiece of Tarot interpretation takes the Tarot out of the realms of the theoretical and mystical and makes it accessible as a tool for daily living. Used as a guide and companion, «Living the Tarot» reveals the practical applications of the Tarot. In addition, this book provides a wealth of references and insight, linking Tarot with Qabalah, mythology, astrology, numerology, magick, Buddhism, Hinduism and psychology.

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